Jacopo Solmi

Designer / Entrepreneur,

accessibility and ethical design supporter.
#A11y ❤

Currently Co-Founder & Designer
@ Comuni-Chiamo

Winner of Social innovation Startup 2013Winner of Startup Chile 2014Winner of Social app Italia 2015

About me

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I am currently Designer at my co-founded company Comuni-Chiamo. As Designer that run a company, I deeply understand what means balancing users and stakeholders needs and how design impact businesses.
My main commitment is to never forget that everyone has the right to be respected as human being before as users, clients or partners. Succeed having that in mind means build a better, durable, respectful business and (why not?) happy people in a lovely society.

I also collaborate as designer and consultant for OnData association (no-profit organization to promote Open Data culture), we are developing the association's Design System with the aim of creating a common thread among all the different association's projects and a new strategy in order to be more effective easing the internal workflow.

I’m currently located in Bologna, Italy.

I would be happy to know you. Say hello.